The Life of a Rock Star???

It has been an extremely crazy week and i have missed a couple days of "Sal Say's" so i wanted to convey what this (Sal'tripin) is and takes to keep running. Firstly Sal'tripin is a band. We are trying to make music and get our message out. To express feelings threw music, words, and live performance. Live being the best way to get across what it is that we communicate, we have pretty much done mostly live performances. With the rise of the internet we can reach way more people than ever before, so we are naturally going to try it out. Well it has been great the numbers are huge(Hundreds of thousands). Way more people have heard us online that ever did live. So know we need recordings and content for the web, so i had to start to figure out how to use the web and have had to create all the content for the web. As a one man operation(other than Cory on Bass and Derrick on Drums) All the other stuff, and there is allot have all been up to me(Pat jr.). I am a very productive force but i can only do so much and would be very receptive to some help. So if your a Writer and want 1000s+ readers then we should talk. it will be voluntary at first but we will start to turn a profit, and when we do. Well you get the idea. I would be a great person to have on your side as a writer and things could get  pretty exiting and it should be great fun, for me its been a dream come true.....

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