The "legal" system is a joke...

what the bidens did was wrong.. what the trumps dso is also wrong.. its time for the out of control rich to come back to reality and to live under the law, the same law the poor are beaten and killed over. a poor person will be punished for life, even though its against the" bill of rights" for the slightest of "offence". to jaywalk or run a stop sign and you are going to be made to pay and if you cant you will be in jail. yet when a "rich" person like a clinton or trump commits fraud "as in trump university" or lying to congress like clinton (both)they are let off with a profit and no "criminal" record. trump u was a massive fraud and trump was "punished" he paid a small percent of the money he stole then he was made potus. if you did that you woulds be in the pen. this country has moved to the right and a the wealth worship has become mainstream. while the rich screw the masses the masses apologize for, protect and kill for, and worship their rich masters. the human race will be the shortest lived species to ever exist at all, and we think we are special or even smart.... ha ha ha what a laugh

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