The King Of ?

The "King of Pop" was really the king of dope. Why is it that when Jimi Hendrix is talked about its always The Drugs that took him so young? But when they talk about Michael Jackson its The Doctors fault. When i am sure that The king of Pop was a way bigger druggie than Jimi was. Its just that Jimi liked illegal mind altering drugs that are demonized by our media.  The king of Pop and the King of Rock & Roll fore that matter were both took legal, doctor prescribed drugs. Why is it so hard for some people to see that its the system that is the problem. Things like prohibition have been tried and have failed before. There is no secret that laws that regulate personal choice do not work. It is not the drugs that are bad. They are inanimate objects. You are the one with the power, the power to make choices. No matter what you are into whether it Pot or Surfing, or whatever, you have to do what you think is right then you have to live with the consequences. We are all to blame. We all effect everything. So when people say " Global warming is not caused by us" or "that drugs killed someone" they are talking out their as--es. You effect the climate no matter what. You fart that effect the climate. That’s it. You loved Michael. I did. And we killed him. By not putting an end to the bullsh-t and end the war on the poor. "the drug war" is a part of a bigger more sinister war, a war on freedom, a war on choice, a war on good. 

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