the impeachment is a joke and trump has to go! 

The impeachment is the Dems to lose, and they will. Its all a trick. The wealthy are playing us all. The rich own both political parties and trump too. the rich are  "above the law"  so don't fall for this tripe. the wealthy have become a kind of royalty untouched by the world "we the people" live in. they can commit huge scams and defraud people from 100s of millions of their hard EARNED dollars then they pay a couple million dollar "fine" if they get "caught" they make a profit. then like magic no criminal record. no life long punishment. no inability to find a job. no background checking landlords or years of government babysitters barging in on every part of your life with more jail time in their back pocket to threaten you with. hell its probably a tax right off. and how they are worshiped by the "lower" classes. fawned over by millions of confuzed unaware peasants. and as the numbers of people grows faster and faster the wealthy masters fear grows too. will the masses act in their own interest? will they act against the owners, the few? has the time come again for "revolution"? and how to get ahead of it. Beat The Rich!!

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