The hope for a ...

As a child we were all told of the pursuit of happiness, freedom, and responsibility. Yet as they told us about these most important concepts they did the opposite. treating us like slaves, or future slaves, good for one thing and one thing only, to capitalize on. Under the guise of education the rich and powerful have reached into our childrens everyday life. Trying to "brand" them to their products for life. How much is it all worth? Is a dollar worth more than a life? Why? So few have so much while so many go without. And the pursuit of happiness? Try that with no money and no way to change that, no opportunities to make life better. I challenge you to think of the opportunities that you were or were not given and imagine how that could have been different if you were in another place, maybe Africa or The Arctic. Taking away the hope for change is the aim of the rich and powerful. They don't share well. That's why it's hard for a rich man to get into heaven in the Bible. the power elite loves to watch as the poor kill each other over scraps. Lets make a change. Lets remind every one that apathy and hate are not helping things. It's up to us. 

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