The Great Reset?

I heard someone say something the other day and the gist of what he said was that there is going to be a " Great Reset " in-which all the wealth of the world will be redistributed and poverty will be abolished and we can all be free, finally. How would that happen? What would the ultra rich say? Does it really get them off to see an extra zero on their bank statement? The best is the people that defend the rich even though they themselves are poor. Why do you think 1% of the world own everything? Is that fair? Of-coarse no. The fact that people die from hunger in 2015 is a freaking sin on all of us. We are all to blame for the state of the world. Don't let apathy rule your life. Do something, any thing to help. It really does work, if we all pitch in. Responsibility is not just for those that steal but for those that let the stealing happen. And you can make a difference. Everyone has hard times. But its no excuse for ruining the earth. Being a good person does not cost money. So how about a Great Reset of the way we treat each-other. Getting along is the last thing the rich want to see us do. They want us to fight each-other while they make money off us. Change will only happen if we all take part. Lets move on from this old and unfair system. The conflict is getting old and its time to make the decision and follow through with action. Find your niche, start to help, never stop learning, and you can be the person you want to be. And the reset will just happen.

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