the gop brings on the end 

the trump administration a is about to play its hand. they will arrest anyone the disagrees with them. anyone that has wanted their to be any limits to trumps power. anyone that has looked into any of his many criminal enterprises. anybody that wrote anything he didn't like in the press. they will call it corruption, the deep state, treason. when given power se people cant give it up and this seems to be the case with trump. he has been willing his entire life to break laws, hurt people, and do basically anything to gain power over other people. so just you wait and see, trump will do it all. he will go full dictator and the gop is fine with it. the gop has been signaling their willingness to bow to king trump for a couple years now and i am sure trump has heard them loud and clear. the election of trump will be the final straw in the destruction and great reformation of the usa for better or worse. probably worse, much worse.. Beat the Rich!!

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