the financial elite, the true elitists and their GOP 

GOP is the party of the elites. not the intellectual elite the financial elite the true elite.the super rich few own the gop, trump and the corporate dems. They also own Faux News, cnn, msnbc and all big media corps. The republicans would like you to blame poor people for being poor but its obviously just another gop lie. the few super rich multinationals that the gop worships are the true crooks. They have taken more than our money. they have taken our freedom. freedom isn't free and when you cant afford it then you are a slave. If you work just to afford to work then you are a slave. profits are at all time highs but wages are stuck in the 1970s. Then there is Trump. Born rich authoritarian idiots should never be in public office. The master race mentality is prevalent in the gop. the idea that rich equals better than, smarter than, and more deserved. This worship the wealthy and blame the poor philosophy is part and parcel of their phony scheme to convince poor folk to fight and even die to protect and further enrich the few. How Much longer will we the people take to act? When the mass arrests of trumps "deep state investigation" into "corruption" start will the people do nothing? When the temperature rises and the earth starts to fight back will we change or will we kill her outright? The Human race is on track to be the shortest lived species to ever walk the earth and that might be the one thing that sets us apart, makes us special.To go extinct faster than any other form of life must be our goal as a species. Oh ya and to take as many with us as we go......

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