The End of Trump 

yep. the mass arrests are about to begin. the rich global elites(not the smart people, the actual elites) are taking over, no more half baked democracy just Trump doing for the benefit of russian oligarchs and being putins lap dog.. The dark money that pours into the GOP has turned american "greed is good" republican ideology against it self and turned good old american wealth worshiping into a very powerful russian weapon. With the corporate democrats running the so called "left" and spending millions on squashing the progressive wing of the party and making the "2" party system is no longer the "democratic" government of by and for the people. With productivity at all time highs, profit margins rocketing to the stratosphere, and ceo pay at thousands of %s higher the worker is still working just to afford to work and thats called slavery. When 4-5 people are "worth" more than the billions of the rest of us the system has failed. This experiment in self governance failed years and years ago. Our personal freedoms lost little by ;little to the extreme expense of just survival. With no time or funds to be free and millions of petty laws to navigate. No more american dream just an endless nightmare of unpaid bills and unaddressed illnesses. Why is it that billions in welfare is doled out every year to giant companies and super rich people that have no need for countries and pay no taxes yet its some kind of sin or the end of the world to give food to the hungry or to put a roof over the heads of the homeless? What kind of backwards philosophy would drive you to put people even kids in jail indefinitely for a class b misdemeanor? This Authoritarian POTUS is the biggest wimp and so dumb he couldn't tell shit from a whole in the ground has shown the religious right for the wealth worshiping idolitors that they have always been. We can get rid of Trump and the other greedy old men but is the usa doesn't come to grips with its fascist tendencies then it will solve nothing and the world will burn on...

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