The Best Guitarist is?

All the time you can hear people argue Jimi or SRV, EVH, or Eric. well I have heard it put to them a couple times and it seems everyone is the best if they chose to try to ,that is, if your good at it at all... And is it bad to think of ones own playing as better than others playing? Is it? It never seems to be enough for me . I can always find something to practice, a rif that i need to work out or a chord i need to hear. i could sit and play to myself for days on end and not lose interest, Music is like food for the soul. needed as much as the food for your body. Music is a great microcosmic view of the universe and life’s meaning. Harmonies and rhythm working together to make a song into reality. As real as anything, a song has a power undeniable and amazing. Keeping the music real and not contrived is our duty “Rock 'n' Roll will never die, Hey hey My My"



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