Testing 123 ???

For some of you that know me or have read about me know about my experience with I.Q testing and other intense testing. While my stance has stayed the same all these tears later. I still think tests are an very ineffective way to . Learning to vomit up knowledge on command instead of learning , really learning is a waste of time. The truth is that the schools are not there to teach. You are not there to learn. Learning to learn, learning the join of study. This is a concept almost banned from my education, The schools i when to spent more time on fear and hate then on the joy of investigation. Behind the Pius shroud of religion they taut us to follow orders and never ask question, to have faith. What are science hating fanatics doing teaching anyway? What would the world be like if you were taught to love instead of hate and give instead of take. What happen to the Golden Rule? All this violence and greed, Money and Hoes Gots to go." Is there something wrong with feeling good? Do they want everyone to be sad and in pain? The world left burnt and dead? And soul, why did we lose soul and get Tough guys and G's. It seems like its less and less acceptable to be different, like everyone is the same. The same? Yeah right. You wish. Yea of little faith. Unable to entertain a thought without freaking out. Well thanks to pretest phobia and fear of failure many kids get a kind of PTSD. Some never get past it forever afraid of testing themselves, doomed to stay still never gaining the spark that builds the flame that is knowledge and the need for it.

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