Sugar, Sugar ....

The amount of sugar that get consumed is huge, around 22 teaspoons each everyday. Wow! Spooning it down! And i eat even more than that,“I bet.” Well anyway I am going to check. I am going to start keeping track. I don't eat fast food anymore so it should not be hard. By cooking my own meals all the time it will be easy to moderate sugar intake, easy as pie. I will be able to moderate my sugar intake by keeping track off how many 25 pound bags I buy a year. Ya I know 25 Pounds a pop! How much sugar do you eat? Ever think about keeping track? I think if we all kept track allot of us would be mind blown by the massive doses of sugar and other sweeteners we have been taking. There is sugar in everything. Well everything that is proceeded. But there are other options. Sugar is also in unprocessed food. So you can get your fix elsewhere. Fruit have sugars and fiber. A great way to get a sweat rush. Fruit can also be grown. Anyone can grow it. Planting fruit trees can help world hunger and the environment. When we eat processed sugar that comes from factories far away it is not helping anything. The sugar lobby is super powerful and has reached into a bag of tricks once employed by Big Tobacco. Government subsidies for the sugar are a very hard pill to swallow and they never end. While fruit growers are being pushed out of business more and more. Along with GMOs and Chem Farma the fruit industry is fraught with pitfalls. Good old nature is still available for some of us. I am grateful for that.

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