social dumb dumb

Wow it is bad, unsympathetic, self-serving, anti-understanding. That’s how i would describe the average Joe. It seems as time goes by people are getting less enlightened, less interested in the important thing like love and compassion. Instead greed and instant pleasure with apathy and convenience all fall in together to create the modern human. Lazy thinking no ability to see the greater picture, unwilling to see that they are culpable. That the actions that they make effect others. With no thinking and no effort at all just turn on the TV and the decisions made for you. It seems like everyone is in a deep denial. Unwilling to see the facts that are so obvious. We are all to blame for the current state of the world. The only way things will ever get better is if we all take our responsibility serious and start being able to make choices and be accountable for our actions, even the rich. In this system where people are paid to think for you, and telling you what to think and do is big business. People have started losing their concept of being a good person, a sovereign, free, responsible human being. Get the Gov. out of the personal lives of the people and spend some of the taxes they waist on killing and graft on creating a workable system for the survival of the human spirit.

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