Sick of it...

The doctor will see you now” and so it began. Sick there alone with my thoughts. Thoughts of huge clouds and gagged pointed mountain peals. High in the air they meet. Colliding with the force of the jet stream. Sparks fly and tears fall as the two begin to embrace. Could they be more different? The rock and solid mountain with its enormous weight, seemingly stationary it grows so slowly that it is nearly imperceptible to me and you. The cloud on the other hand is a ever changing, formless, writhing, boiling, vaporous mass. Weightless in its appearance, it sails high through the air. Blown by prevailing winds at speeds more a kin to an automobile then a mist. Finally the Doctor comes in. He asks me the same old questions, “Where does it hurt, say aw, stick out your tongue”. I proceed to explain “my side hurts, the pain is inside of me and freaks me out. After a few pokes he says he will return and leaves the room. I go back to dreaming of beautiful music and wonderful views. After ten minutes the doctor returns. “I have looked at your labs and at the X-rays, and Ultrasound. And there is not a thing out of place, swollen, or missing. So your fine.” The whole time I am being denied treatment for my Hep-C because I am not going to die right now. They will wait till I have Liver cancer or worse to OK the treatment.. I have had a pain in my side for years and its the same thing every time the Doctor see me, goes and Googles Web MD or the like and charges me hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Oh well. Its only MY LIFE. Why should he care? The whole system of capitalizing on the sick is sickening.

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