Shipping the world to the future

I recently received a package in the mail and it brought up a question I cant seem to get around. How is it that the cheep shipping takes the longest path across the globe? I sat for a week or so and watched the tracking as my package traveled back and forth up and down sometimes going the other way and even over shooting SLC. All that and its the cheap shipping. Now doesn’t it seem like going the wrong way around the planet then zigzagging across the USA would use more fuel and more people therefore being more expensive. With carbon, limited fuel, and the cost of peoples time should we be sending things hither tither across the globe? A product sold in china then sent around the world is cheaper than one built here and not shipped? How? Why is it cheaper to get a hamburger from 100 cows, from all over the world, than a burger from one cow from down the street? Is it? Its not. With the invisible costs, pollution, and human suffering figured in the price, you find that it is not cheaper. So I ask you “is the system acceptable to you? Do you care about the real cost of doing business or are you just worried about your pocket book? Because if you do the math it is not a sustainable business model.  It's only logical that if your interested in long term profit you must also be interested in the long term effects of your business will have on the ability to make profit in the future. Also as consumers if you look at the prices. Buy it cheaper now and in a few years when the system is even further taxed by unsustainable consumption everything will cost much more. Pay more to keep using "green" practices? No way. The cost is way lower for "Green"  practices when you think about it. All that money wasted destroying the earth so we will be not be able to make any money in the future, and it won't take long.

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