Sex or not to sex

The music industry has gone all screwy. You no longer need a huge record company and a hit single to get your music played. but what do you do? How do you get people to listen? We all know how it is now, you can pick and chose the music you want as you want. The music is everywhere and free so how does someone get their music to stand out and get noticed? I have been experimenting with social web sites and chatting, trying to get people interested amid all the cute puppy pics and he said she said can be quite tough. People have developed a very cynical standoffish stance towards new bands. Sex? Sex sells, maybe passing our band off ass sexy would do it? The problem is like 75%+ of our listeners are men. So at-least so far being sexy would not be the best idea. I hope after reading this you'll have so,me ideas that you can share with us.  So the road forward maybe a struggle and failure always looms but the music will prevail and we shall keep on rocking.


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