Set my people free

It seem s like people have forgotten what it means to be religious. Blind obedience is not religion. Judging people to be lesser is not spiritual. War is not holy, and hate is not a religious experience. The common everyday man on the street thinks religion is in a church or temple and that a man in a costume, sometimes a robe other times a suit, still a costume, has the answers and is always right. We have all heard plenty of horror stories about priests and other religious types doing terrible things. So why do we trust them in matters of spirituality but wouldn’t leave our kids with them over the weekend? I on the other hand am a member of a religion that doesn’t claim anything it cant back up and has no roster or membership. There is no fee. There has been no wars to push it and no killing in its name. Discrimination and hate are not the main aim. The church is everywhere and worship well that is, that's the problem. For some reason my form of worship is illegal. I don’t whip, burn, cut, kill, hurt, or do anything to harm anybody, animal or thing. Still one of the most important parts of my spiritual life has been outlawed. I used to do it anyway but as I got older and the threat got worse I had to stop, it became nearly impossible and I quit before something bad happened. Does anyone out there know what it feels like to have your way of worship prohibited? The threat of violence just for praying. It hurts..........

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