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 I was thinking about all the energy that we waste everyday. Energy for heating and cooling that is mostly wasted. The crazy and often dangerous way in which we make electricity like coal and nuclear to me just seen dumb. We are sitting on an almost endless supply of heat energy. Inside this planet is a boiling mass of molten rocks and metal convecting and pushing its way up towards the surface. Why don’t we tap into the earth for or power? The heat from the earth could turn the turbines at power plants allover the world. They are already powering Ice Land this way. Something like Yellowstone could power the entire country. Volcano's are huge polluters already so we may as well be using them for power creation instead of trying to burn everything the the planet and ruining the air and killing the land and polluting our water. There is also a lot of wasted energy of motion in the waves and even more in the tide and great ocean currents. This motion could be used to generate large amounts of clean and free energy. Then there is our sun. The sun makes a ton of energy and is pretty easy to harness, so why don’t we have solar panels everywhere? Greed. 

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