Rightwing Crazies in the Republican and Democratic Parties... 

I was watching YouTube and was inspired to reflect on WW2 and the "Anti" "Antifa" movement. And I say movement cause its crap. The whole USA is "Antifa" Antifascist is a good thing. No room for rich people that get billions in welfare while people go without. No room for rich worshiping, no room for blaming other poor folk for the crimes of the rich. no room for "pro-lifers" that care not for life in any from, no room for greedy grasping old men that profit from the destruction of the earth, no room for religious fanatics that commit every kind of sin in the name of Jesus Christ, no room for cronies that do anything for scraps from the rich, no room for people that profit from sickness, no room for self-hating poor people that act against their own interests, no room for puritanical taboos that turn people into deviants, no room for Russians in the Whitehouse..... The right is wrong.... Fascism, Authoritarianism, and all the freedom hating "ideals" are antithetical to the USA. Freedom is the answer, Freedom to think, to learn, to chose, to hear, to see, to live, to make mistakes, to change, to better your situation in life. All these things the right actively tries to take from everyone, except their rich masters. The time is now. Look into things, question the "powers that be." Let return freedom to the Americas. End the Drug War that's killing 10000s, trampling our freedoms, and destroying Latin America, all while they profit off both ends. Lets let reason and logic rule and use our brains no our guts. Guts are full of shit. Just like the rightwing crazies in the Republican and Democratic Parties.  And push the download button and get our new single!!!

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