read bernies healthcare bill.

read bernies healthcare bill. they only call it medicare 4 all because thats the closest thing to it or the easiest thing to call it. its really more like what canada has...and ask a canadian how he feels about healthcare..they love it..don't trust the billionaires that own the "healthcare" system or their media co.s to tell you whats up.. look deeper.. look into things and you'll find the rich pricks, really rich pricks are the only ones benefiting from the "progress" we have all worked so hard for.. the GOP does only for the super rich. they try to rationalize it by saying that it creates opportunity but it doesn't.. any politician that takes money from billionaires is no good... have you even looked deeper than faux news into "your" party? and that map you have up is a great map of the gerrymandering and the inequality in our vote. hell my vote doesn't even count, i still do it but...... did you know that in the land of the free they arrested hundreds and deported thousands of so call "communists" over the last 1/2 of the 20th century? and why is it ok for the gop to give billions in welfare to the super rich but not give anything to the poor? wages has feel far behind the record profits. ceo used to make 50-300x the average worker. now the ceo make up to 5000x, some get 20000 and hour and more. and they didnt earn it..Beat the Rich!!

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