People Stink

Do people really think that the smell of chemicals, V.O.C.'s is a good thing? I was driving down the street on my Ninja when a powerful odor filled the air. Even on a bike at 75 mph the smell was extreme. So with eyes watering I began searching for the source. I pass car after car finally about 6 or 7 cars ahead i came across the owner of the pungent, nose offending odor. It was an old gray haired woman in a fancy European luxury car. Soon after that, just down the road another smell, not quite as sharp but strong as can be. So i sped up and caught up to the broken down old beater of a car with 3 Mexican dudes on the way to work. The completely opposite kinds of people. The amount of soaps and smelly stuff needed to create a smell that can be that strong even on a motorcycle at freeway speeds must be copious. Now i am not saying that B.O is better just that there has to be a limit. Nobody wants to breath V.O.C.'s, and putting all this unknown chemical smelly stuff cant be good for you. Spraying large amounts of chemicals into your home, car, or self is not going to change the fact that people stink.

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