one kicked me with his size 14  

i got in fist fights with almost every teacher i real big one kicked me with his size 14 .... his last day... I got a week off, nothing more..A soccer coach in 1982, a 40 year old dude, punched me in the nose at my first soccer practice. i was like 5. nothing came of it. i was knocked out and blooded all because they all started their little mormon "prayer" and i was like "what the f-ck" then like that he hit me right in the nose. knocked me off my feet. then after that i was in shock for quite a while.. The good old days. Before the current Authoritarianism of the modern age.. And i sure do miss it..The things i did back then would get you shot by SWAT nowadays..Freedom got me beat down a few times but it was worth it to live without big-brother stepping in. It just seems to me that all the awful things that keep happening are caused by the Authoritarian way we live now. Hell before columbine there was only 1 big mass shooter anyone had ever heard of, Charley Whitman or something like that. And that was in the 60s. The more our freedom is taken, Economic or social the worse our society gets.

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