On the way of the world and a living wage

Everyday we as tax paying citizens have a responsibility to know were our hard earned money is going and if it is being used wisely. So I ask you this( and it may seem crazy) “ Why is it O.K to pay someones way in life but only if they are being punished?” Every year millions are spent on prisons to house more and more “criminals” that may have been spent elsewhere more effectively. It costs (New York's annual costs dwarf the annual per-inmate costs in other big cities. Los Angeles spent $128.94 a day, or $47,063 a year, for 17,400 inmates in fiscal year 2011-12, its sheriff's office said. Fox news ). Wow that’s allot!! Now couldn’t that money have been spent better? Lets get one thing clear. There are bad people that should be punished. Things like Murder and Rape or Stealing even things like Polluting should be criminal due to one major fact they all share. Someone gets hurt. A victim. So lets look at how many “Criminals” hurt someone and I mean for real not having there feeling hurt. According to http://www.drugwarfacts.org/ On September 30, 2013 (the end of the most recent fiscal year for which federal offense data were available), 98,200 inmates (51% of the federal prison population) were imprisoned for possession, trafficking, or other drug crimes." Then there is the fact that most “crime” is committed by poor people. (meaning the 99% of us) and many studies have linked crime to poverty.(google it) “So the guy robbed the bank for money?” Like is there any other reason anything happens nowadays? What would happen if they where given the 40+ thousand before they got desperate enough to commit a crime. A living wage? Right wingers be freaking out saying “if you give them money they will learn to be lazy” then locking them up so they can sit on their asses isn’t? and “they are poor because they chose to be.” and most the time the person saying this is poor too. Fooled be the rich? Yeah right. If you get rid of all they wasted tax revenue from drug laws then relieve the pervasive poverty faced by some many then if you address the divisions the rich and powerful have placed on us whether fiscal or spiritual. Do away with racism and hate. We are all going to die soon so start  treating life with respect not locking it up for no good reason...



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