Musical Income outcome?

I love watching footage of band playing before MTV. Before the TV killed rock and roll and it was unimportant to have huge tits or a nice smile there was one thing that really mattered, the music. Now all the pop stars look the same and in the respective “styles” they all sound the same too. A great band like Queen would have a hell of a time getting a record deal without major dental work. Talent has been marginalized. When info and art are so accessible its a shame people have been so jaded by the industry that every new band is looked on with disdain, as if they just trying to make a buck. When being creative becomes stigmatized, artists are exercised, and business men spoon feed "art" to the public how does a musician or artist make a living? In the modern day respected perfections like photographer, writer, or guitarist are no longer viable ways of making a living. Pictures, art , and music are free and ubiquitous with make supply and demand a real laugh. We need to take a good look at intellectual property law and see if there is any way to fix the system. Being an artist is expensive, supplies are often purchased at the price of huger, just so a string can be replaced or a canvas bought on which a the next masterpiece or great anthem could be created. If we don’t do something art and music will be even harder to make and the next Picasso or the next Beatles will never have a chance.

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