Mass Shootings are the Norm?

Everyday it seems there is another mass murder or a truck driven threw a crowd by some lonely rightwing 20 some odd year old. Why? It seem to be a hugh failing in many aspects of our community. First the Healthcare/Mental health industries. second the education system. and also the economics we are subject to. To top it all off the legal system or as i call it the injustice system. We must fix the healthcare system, end the drug war, and invest in the schools and then you will see this abhorrent trend end.. All the mass violence is an acute symptom of the gop's policies, or lack of policies. The thin "philosophy" the right claims to follow only consists of a few lies and nothing more than one liners and rehersed talking pionts. There is the old "no big government" thing over and over while they have bloated the fed more than the left would ever even dare to quietly imagine. The old deregulation mantra whilke they want to rule over your love life and who gets to pay for their wars. The anti-poor folk down with welfare tripe, while the right spends more money and gives out more handouts to the wealth few. How about the evil socialism rants the rightwingers love so much, but meanwhile the republicans love socialism for the rich. Yet welfare is a sin in their eyes. Our country is being destroyed by a very small number of super rich crooks that need to be held to account for the death and suffering that has made them rich. The greed of the few threatens to harm us all..BEAT THE RICH

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