just like all the rightwing fever dreams 

your kidding? Brett is a rapist(did you pay no attention to the hearing?). the Russia thing is no hoax(didnt you read the Mueller report? its all in there). and it was trump that made this ukraine mess( havent you been watching the impeachment investigation and now trial for removal?). man look into thing stop letting the rich tell you whats is what. i have no love for the democrats either but they are a hell of a lot better than the gop. the gop doesnt hide their disdain for the average person. they are the party of wealth worship and greed. stop blaming your fellow citizens and look to the super rich and their lackeys in the gop and dem... do you get your info for fox (faux) or info wars(liars)? they are both fronts for political agenda men. just like cnn , msnbc are too you have to look deeper. its not hard and takes little time. just remember if they are getting money from above then they are fake. look for independent news that gets the money from the people.. The gop is so anti free choice in everything. Who you love. What you do with your body. what you say/do that hurts nobody(flag burning, sitting during the pledge, not wearing a suit. having any ideas that differ from the party line thats handed down from the super rich "donors" heck just look at a list of their "donors" the republicans always take way more cash from the elites. and when i say elite i do not mean smart people i mean the actual elite. the super rich think they are our betters and that its up to them to rule over us..and it aint the immigrant that writes your check and pushes down wages. they have no say in any of that. just like all the rightwing fever dreams its the super rich once again that are guilty of paying us a fraction of what they should..

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