Its a Dogs -------

The one thing that he kept doing whether he was happy or not was to explode. Everyday was a wash with blurred visions of bright lights and swirling colors. The wind whines like a high pitched siren almost to high to recognize as sound. More like a beam of light the din blared its laser like focus rite on to his mind. Thoughts twist and turn back and forth in his mind “should I, shouldn’t I?” like knives cut threw the thin veil which is his reality. As he takes a slow deep breath an odor sparks a flood of memories of better days, when life was so simple. Will it happen? Will success be all it is cracked up to be? Can he reach it? All at once with a speed a kin the a Gama ray, the muscles in his legs contract, his jaw fly’s open, and all at once in a slowed down, hyper aware state of being, were all is perfect, he lunges forth and lets out a sound, like the heavy foot fall of a Clydesdale, his lower jaw clasps tightly together with the upper. Over and over his mouth open wide then closes tight, gnarly yellow teeth rounded and worn inter lock like little hooks on a rusty old zipper. As he makes his case be known a feeling of pleasure wells up from deep in his heart. The one time when he feel truly alive. Free, and young again,. Ready to take on the world. Then as if not a thing had happened, the fully satisfied and gratified little lap dog finds a spot , lays down, gets comfy and drifts of to sleep. Another successful afternoon in the life of a dog...

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