Imagine all the .........

Pride breeds prejudice and the whole idea of race is crap. We no mater what we think we are, are not a race or creed we are people. The reality is that we are all mixed up figuratively and genetically. So if been pure, like the Nazis claimed to be is a myth, a "pure" race is bull. Their is no such thing and it is an impossibility. A large and diverse gene pool is what is best so the "pure" race would end up inbred. I grew up in Ut. and there were some down the street, they were all messed up. Every time i hear people boast about their race or their righteousness i think of those poor kids. If you think you are special or righteous or whatever then your are not. Being right is the first step to being wrong. Humility, empathy, understanding, and giving are not righteous acts there are just everyday life. Being a good person does not make you any better a person in the big picture. 7 billion good people on the other hand. Imagine as John Lennon put it. Wow how would that be? 7 billion good people? 

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