I can do it!!!

I would like to explain what Sal'tripin is. Sal'tripin is an old term that means to travel south, downhill, or it can also be a journey of the soul. We are great believers of the power of music and feel that the best way for us to make the world a better place is threw our music. we also employ other means li9ke blogging, music video, and art in general to help get listeners. All of this is made possible threw much hard work. Financing this whole thing is very trying and since I(pat jr) have to pay for it all its is quite a drain on my bank account. Since i have always been poor i have had to start at the very bottom and work, work is what i have mostly to help further the band 
(Sal'tripin). in the current pay to play, pay to be heard market its very hard to make the music pay off so we have also started "The Sal'tripin Store" to sell odds and ends to help with some of the cost of making it as a band. I have also gone as far as pan handling and begging to keep Sal'tripin afloat. The music industry is on the way down but its still a huge market with huge amounts of money involved and we are going to give it our all even if its not going to pay of like it did in the nineties when you could actually get paid to play at a club or bar. now it is getting harder and harder to find a paying gig. So once again, I will make this happen no matter what and it will be a very lucrative endeavor and if you would like to be part of Sal'tripin as an investor or as a fan we appreciate your support either way. Thank you all so much. Its been a dream come true..... 

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