How Many Times

Is it strange that the human race keeps doing the same stupid shit over and over? Just a quick peruse through a history book, even one of those real biased school text book will be full of thing not to do that are being done repeatedly. Like genocide or war. The way forward can be a lot less bumpy if you do just the minimum of thinking. World wide poverty, large numbers of people starving, and the constant threat of violence are not part of some natural processes they are part of a massive plot perpetrated by us against us at the pleasure of the power elite. Like pawns for their rich masters we are used for the benefit of the few, and used against ourselves at the same time. The masses are turned on themselves subverting any action toward change that may well up. Looking at history you can see that this strategy is used constantly by the power elite. Divide and conquer, its like the oldest trick in the book. So you think we would be able to recognize it and not be fooled into the same old cycles of oppression, killing, and war. Always seems like the rich get richer and the poor get screwed.

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