Healthcare is a right in most of the world but not here in the USA 

Then whats the hold up? I sure could use some medical attention before this illness i got kills me. had Obama care and it did no good, got denied.. would rather die than give another cent to the huge multi billion multi national "healthcare" insurance co.s just to get denied again...those murdering insurance profiteers and their apologist rightwing and the "centrist" phonies are working against the good of the people. They spread suffering and death by supporting the for profit "healthcare" system. And it all for the greed of the few... The progressive democrats are the only ones saying anything worth a sh-t and seem to be the only side with any ideas at all... We can only hope the voters get out on mass this time and really make the will of the people known and put an end to the worst presidency, at that worst political party in a long time, if not ever..The GOP has been shown for what it is, a bunch of greedy, unprincipled, liars, that will do anything to make the rich richer while blaming the poor for the ills of the world..The corporate so called "centrist" democrats are almost as bad and need to be replaced by real democrats not republicans that fled their party and are now subverting the democratic ideal of progress and the natural drive of the markets to diversify and advance. All to keep the few rich. The y distract and divide. Buy up and then stymie any new tech or cutting edge ideas that might change the dynamics of the market making their old ways less profitable and giving somebody else a shot to make it big..The republicans want to give the super rich handouts. They want to let them use the infrastructure but not make them pay their share of the taxes. The right will tell you that giving welfare to the poor is evil while they give billions to the few extremely wealthy "donors" that fancy themselves our betters, the elite, or the master race. Just cause your rich dont mean you are special and just cause you are poor dont mean you shouldnt be able to see a doctor.. Nearly the rest of the world has been able to make healthcare a right for decades. Its time we caught up ... Beat the Rich!!

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