Happy 4th

How would it be to have the kind of great, huge publicity machines like they use in elections and for big movies? When hype is all that makes or breaks you, money is king and without money you are in for a fight. The work load it takes to live in this greed driven economy is hard as is. You know. Everyone does. Add in the expenses that go along with trying to make music. Now try and get the music heard, heard by as many people as possible, Millions.. Well that’s what I am trying to accomplish, with very little money. The numbers continue to grow and new fans are signing up to the mailing lists. The constant specter of financial ruin ever looms above my head. But money is not why I do it and it does very little to discourage me likewise. The fans have been most gracious and just that is enough to keep me going. So as always you are the reason I, we, Sal'tripin keep up the fight to keep on rockin' and rollin' . Thank you and HAPPY Independence Day from Sal'tripin, a truly Independent Band.....

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