Hand in Hand, Together

Has our connection with nature been stretched to the breaking point or is there still a chance? I am quite often drawn into the same thought.” is it ti late, can things get better?” I really think that we do have the slightest, tiniest little remnant of a chance , hope for a better life. A life of consequence and self determination. A life of freedom and responsibility unhindered by others and their power sick, overreaching, greed driven so called religions, or the corrupt, undemocratic, and criminal form of government we have impressed upon us under the threat of violence, being permanently black balled, and incarceration. Its easy to see that things are messed up, and how, yet answers to the problems are further off that ever. Our plans for the next 100 years are not looking very promising. I don't think people relies how much change needs to occur before things will ever begin to get even the least bit better. The actual effort and involvement that people are willing to devote toward any endeavor, profitable or not is getting less and less all the time. Our grandparent generation was involved in the community in many ways. They voted first of all. They were members of clubs and groups like the rotary or the masons. They owned and operated businesses right in their own communities. Our parent too were more socially active. Protesting and being proactive in the community is what keep the system on its best behavior, not laws that govern how you live “your life.” could you imagine if all the people that do nothing for their communities started pitching in, voting and running in local and national elections, getting involved in the campaign of someone you agree with, or just helping spread the word and get others involved in the ideas that you agree with. I a world where access to information is so free and easy, its a real shame that people have just gotten lazier and more alienated from each other. Lets all try to break the cycles of apathy and greed, and start doing are share in the fight to save the human spirit.

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