Fooled Again and Again?

How does it happen that poor people are always standing up for and defending the rich and powerful? How does the populous get duped into giving not on;y their money but their liberty also? The fanatical worship of the wealthy is a very sickening display. What is it that makes poor people hate other poor people? We are all in this together, we are all poor. The bank owns all even the people in the government. Constantly complaining about poor people taking everything, and that they are poor due to laziness. When their rich heroes are getting all kinds of free stuff, and doing less and less for it, Now that sounds like laziness to me. so its all right for the rich to get free stuff but not to poor people that could use a hand once in a while. Poverty has been getting more prevalent and it has gotten harder than ever to get oneself out of it. Prompting the right to call for deregulation of all industry. Can you imagine how that would turn out? Oh wait, we don't have to imagine, it already happened. History can't be denied. The best this countries economy has been was due to socialist policies of the New Deal, and WW2. Child labor, safe working conditions and pretty much all aspects of business can and have been turned into ways to capitalize on every and anything and by any means safe or moral be dammed.





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