Fascistic rightwing corporatist wealth worshiping sinners dont care 

Fascistic rightwing corporatist wealth worshiping sinners dont care... they hate freedom and truth. The GOP is all a front for the multi-national super rich. Trickledown economics is the GOP ripping us all off and handing it to the few super rich "donors" that own them all. The right complain about the "elite" a lot but they mean the intellectual elite "smart people". they cry about it endlessly but not the true elitist crooks. The financial elite are the "elite" that work everyday to undermine our freedoms and our profiting off the destruction of everything.. The GOP freaks out over "socialism" but hand out billions to these multi-national freedom hating criminals as they cry about welfare, healthcare, and anything that helps the poor. Trickle down is the dumbest most backwards way of doing it that even the shameless liars of the right stopped saying it. after decades of "trickledown is their to help the masses" "it will make our economy strong" to crickets . the rightwing tradition of giving handouts to the rich and then blaming the poor for being poor is a sinful anti-christian way to think but that fits the rightwing "ideology" perfectly. They were crushes in ww2 and were pushed in to the background till in the 1980s Reagan and the GOP took over their mantel and became the USA's racist authoritarian party of the super rich master race. They think that because they are rich that they are ordained by god to rule over us all. They think they are better and smarter that the rest of us. Well they are not. The rich didnt get rich by earning it. Most of the 250 or so super rich families that own 99% + of the world resources got it threw inheritance(Rothschild)| and the most of the rest got it from war(Jeff Bezos) and killing. Yep old money and arms dealers. The right try to say that its not like that and tell lies like "Bezos got rich of selling stuff on Amazon" but he didn't. The majority of his massive wealth comes from Government contracts for war. His software and tech are in all almost of the implements of war and oppression in the armies of the world. The world is vastly over populated and the next big war will be the worst ever. Way worse than ww1/ww2 and will be fought right here in the usa. The enemies of freedom and justice are already attacking and its only a matter of time before the round ups being and the oven fire up. The rightwing has been playing it low key for a while but now that brexit and trump are fully realized it will not be long before the people will have to fight and regain the freedom our forefathers fought for so many times before...

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