Deep State. Is this the end of democracy? 

Trumps "deep state" "investigation" is about to be acted on.. The mass arrest of anybody Trump doesn't like. This will be the "end of corruption" according to Barr and Trump. But it will just be the death of our democracy. Or atleast the supposed democracy. The truth is that this country failed the people back in the 70s. Yep, the war on "drugs" was the end of of freedom and the American way. The feds had been given the power to search and seize or frame and intrap we the people. Since then we the people have been jailed and then punished for rest of our lives for nonviolent "crimes" thought "crimes". Punishing these citizens that were only taking part in the worlds first and only true religion, Sex, Drugs, and Music. So will Trump destroy our democracy? No, it was destroyed years ago... Beat the Rich!!

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