can you say dirty bomb? 

Can you say dirty bomb? Iran could f-ck us up easy without nukes. American exceptionalism and the war mongering gop would have you believe differently but the truth is plain to see, just like with all the gop lies. The gop is just the tool of the war machine and is the embodiment of the greed that drives our current age..they dont even hide it.. they kill, steal, lie, and worship wealth yet claim some very extreme righteous moral superiority. they will scoff and become disgusted by the mere mention of "socialism". While the gop pushes even more welfare for the super rich thru congress. lately the gop has taken on the white is right, send them home thing mainstream and reverted to blatant racism to bolster their lying and war mongering. the multi-national super rich, the ones that own 99.9% of the worlds resources also own the gop & "corporate dems" have used their mass media subsidiaries to spread hate and fear and tricked the weak minded among us into blaming other poor folk for all the ills perceived and otherwise. The profit from war is going to destroy us all while making a very few people (that have no loyalty to any country) even richer than they are already. Every death that is made possible by our taxes, every germ bomb and nuke, every lie told to further the destruction of norms and morals is on each one of us and the souls of those that came before us. The republicans say that government doesnt work and that the "free market" will save us all and right all wrongs. they say "capitalism" has brought more people out of poverty than any other economic system. The right is wrong!!!! Government works for the most part as long as they are held accountable to the people and the people have an unobstructed view of the government . That's what our great American experiment was sold to us as. Its what so many fought and died for, and still do. Not so the few super rich globe trotting elites (trump, bezos, gates...) can horde even more wealth. And contrary to the republican "ideal" war itself is socialism. War is a social project. A job program or even a planned economy, and the worst most evil thing in the world to a republican welfare, well welfare for the super rich, they dont seem to mind that kind of welfare.

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