Barr needs to be removed before he does something real dumb.

Trump and Barr are planning to arrest all trumps detractors in congress and in the media. The "deep state" is all an excuse for Trumps "anti corruption" investigation. Barr has been traveling the world looking for anyone that will say what Trump wants. Offering "favors" for "info". Of Course that mean cash for lies. Their big plan to arrest Trumps "enemies" is about to come to it fruition. With very sketchy "informants" and questionable "proof" Barrs "Justice" system is about to undertake the most far reaching "corruption" investigation in our short history. It may sound far fetched, like it couldn't happen here but extra judiciary killings and kangaroo courts are how Trump wants his "justice" system to function. He cares nothing for the "rule of law". He only want to rule. The "Impeachment" and all the "investigations" into Trump and all the people that are still interested in freedom and democracy are doing the least, at least . The least will not be enough. While the corporate dems and the republicans try to reinforce the status quo Trump and Barr are about to act . The whole thing, our "democratic" experiment is about to fail and the consequences will be dire. If things are left to stay the same and Trump is not held to account for his many crimes. If the wealthy get to live above to law while the people are punished for their entire lives over the most inconsequential of "crimes" or just for being poor. Then we have failed. So when Trump is let off and then rounds up all his political rivals and start jailing reporters that he doesn't like. Remember that its our fault.Its our fault for not acting when our government broke the law. Like when Nixon started the "drug" war or when Bush got us in war with Iraq over phony WMDs. Then their was Trump. Let me tell you the worst is yet to come. Our country is on the edge all could be pushed over in an instant. The fate of our Freedom is at stake.

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