A wonderful Life?

Each day we awake with the choice to make the world a better place or to make it worse. Will you make someone happy or will you make someone cry? After that you can ask, will I waste and pollute or try and be green. Does it make a difference? Will it help? Of course it will. Can you imagine if everyone was an ass. Everyone pissed off and out for trouble. Well that’s what the rich and powerful love to see. The poor have it bad enough. Making it better can be so easy if you let it. Nature usually can show us the way. Instead of fighting against her lets work with nature for a change. Man is always fighting against the flow. It doesn’t work. I hope we can get past our hang ups and find the path that nature intended us to walk and quit screwing ourselves over. So when you get up try and make a conscious choice to do what's right and lets all make the world a better place, the best that we can. We are the only ones who can do it. Its up to us. The world is what you make it. What we make it.



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