A Society of Trolls?

Have you noticed there are allot of people around that know it all and get real defensive when confronted on their so called knowledge? Ready to type out a hateful rant towards anyone with a view that differs from their own. In these days of pie slinging and name calling, where is the place for thoughtful debate and a respectful engagement gone? If elitists and trolls are all the chat rooms are full of, then what can we do to change that? Being humble is a prerequisite for learning, and learning for smarts. Hey wait, if your so smart then why does 1% of the people rule over you? If we network our minds and think about something together, we can figure anything out. Lets leave the sad faces and hateful words on the playground and grow out of the childish way of life we have all so easily settled into. What make the human race so great? Just because we can talk? Well verbal communication is not so tough. All you need to do is moan or grunt to let others know if you approve or not. A dog can do that. Turns out that nonverbal communication is very effective and fish even do that. Or maybe we are great cause we build things? We make allot of trash and all the building is destroying the earth. That's not smart. So now that we are past all that lets start to figure out where we went wrong, and fix it. Hate and violence are outdated concepts maintained by the rich and powerful over us to keep us poor and them rich. Boycott the rich man and his hate and you will take his power for your own. 


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