A Letter From Sal..

The new way we as artists and musician have to live in order to be able to share our wares is quite the task, the most of us have given up on making music our sole bread winner and been forced to either get day jobs or use a new approach, like selling retail along side the marketing of the band. The old days are gone and with them the days when people paid for music. And if you have ever tried to have a band you know the cash it takes, and it was not easy to get paid back when people where still paying for the music. Now we are left with the problem of getting by and making art for free. Sometimes buying gear is more important than food, but not usually. If you have ever tried to create art hungry then you know how hard it is just to be creative on an empty stomach, let alone after the stresses of being poor and being put down on and looked at as a fool, just for following your passions. No one ever encourages someone to become a pro-musician, as a carrier, and on that path you will find many people that just want to tear you down or rip you off. The world would be as lame as fu-- with no art, so we here at Sal-tripin llc are going to do everything we can to continue to make kick as- songs and put on killer shows, and we will just have to keep on keepin' on. That’s all we have. That and the fans. And they are the real reason for all the hard work and struggle. So the music will keep coming and I hope you will dig it. Have a killer day: Sal

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